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If deep lines and creases or sagging skin are affecting your self-confidence or your ability to advance in your career, a facelift can provide you with the resilient, youthful appearance you seek. Contact Icon Cosmetic Center today to begin the transformation.

What is a facelift?

The natural progression of aging can result in alterations to the way your facial features appear. These may include sagging, extra folds of skin, or deep lines. A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a procedure that reduces these effects, leading to a younger appearance. Additionally, a facelift can be performed for a patient experiencing facial asymmetry, genetic deformity, or a traumatic injury to the face.

During the operation, a facelift surgeon pulls back a flap of skin on either side of the face. They surgically alter the underlying tissue and contour, removing excess skin if necessary. In many cases, a neck lift (platysmaplasty) is done simultaneously to minimize extra skin and fat deposits.

Ideal candidate for a facelift

In general, facelift surgery can be safely done on men or women of any age. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the ideal candidate will:

  • Be in good health without medical conditions that will impair the healing process;
  • Be a nonsmoker;
  • Have realistic expectations and a healthy outlook.

Those receiving this cosmetic surgery should do so not to live up to someone else’s standards or expectations but for their own happiness and well-being.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Face Lift?

As with any medical intervention, there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to facelift surgery. The pros include:

  • Most effective surgical or nonsurgical option;
  • Lasts the longest;
  • It can be combined with other surgeries, such as a brow lift, to improve the appearance further, save cost, and cut down on recovery time.

The downsides of facelifts include:

  • Longer recovery time compared to other options;
  • Risk of complications;
  • Cost can be prohibitive for some patients.

How to prepare for facelift surgery?

Getting ready for a facelift varies according to your own unique surgical and health needs. However, you can expect to do the following in general:

  • Receive a medical evaluation or lab testing according to your surgeon’s recommendations;
  • Take additional medications or adjust those you already use;
  • Apply products to your face;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Stop taking aspirin, herbal supplements, or anti-inflammatory drugs that can lead to bleeding and bruising.

How is a facelift performed?

A traditional facelift starts with an incision that begins at your temple, travels down and around your ear, and ends in your lower scalp. Your plastic surgeon may also elect to make an additional incision under your chin. During the facelift in Miami, deep tissues can be repositioned, fat redistributed, muscles lifted, and extra fat removed. Other types of facelift operations, such as neck lifts, require smaller cuts. Additional cosmetic procedures may be done at the same time, including:

  • Brow or forehead lift;
  • Eyelid surgery;
  • Facial implants;
  • Facial liposuction;
  • Resurfacing;
  • Rhinoplasty;
  • Wrinkle reduction injections.

A facelift in Miami will be conducted by a plastic surgeon in a hospital or outpatient setting. Depending on the specific facelift surgery, you will receive general or regional anesthesia.

Types of facelift surgeries

In addition to the traditional kind, there are many other facelift procedures that can address specific focus areas:

-Lower facelift with neck lift. When performed well, the scars from this Facial Rejuvenation Surgery are barely visible. The process, done under general anesthesia, targets the lower two-thirds of the face, including cheeks, nasolabial folds, jowls, jawline, and the loose skin found in the neck.

-Mid-face lift or cheek lift. Also known as a vertical facelift, this procedure targets your cheeks and the hollows under your eyes to soften smile lines and lift the corners of your mouth. Micro-fat grafting is also often done at the same time.

-Upper facelift. Also known as a brow lift, this procedure is done on the area above the corners of your eyes. It is ideal for reducing the appearance of drooping skin or wrinkles present on the brow line or forehead.

-Complete or full facelift.. Addressing the lower two-thirds of the face, this surgery repositions sagging tissue vertically, reduces excess skin on the neck and cheeks, restores definition to the jawline, and corrects the appearance of central fat loss.

Minimal invasive facelifts

There are several types of facelift Miami procedures that involve less scarring and sometimes a quicker recovery. They include:

-Short-scar Facelift (S-Lift). This mini-facelift technique is Facial Rejuvenation Surgery that involves using a small incision near the sideburn and inside the front of the ear to tighten and sculpt underlying muscles, connective tissue, and fat.

-MACS Lift (minimal incision facelift). The minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) procedure lifts only the lower portion of the face to reduce jowls, lack of chin definition, and nasolabial folds. It helps to minimize sagging in the lower cheeks and jawline. Incisions begin at the hairline and end at the earlobe.

Facelift surgery recovery

Details of your recovery will vary according to factors such as age, health status, and procedure. In general, however, you can expect the following:

  • Pain and swelling are normal, particularly for the first few days. You may need prescription painkillers.
  • During your follow-up visit at Icon Cosmetic Center, your surgeon will examine your incisions, change dressings, and answer any questions.
  • Swelling should go down by the end of the first week, and you may be able to start doing light tasks.
  • You may experience numbness, tightness, or tingling. These are usual after-effects of a facelift in Miami.
  • Depending on your surgery, sutures may be removed anywhere from a few days to three weeks after the operation.
  • By week four, you should see significant reductions in swelling and bruising.
  • After a month, you should be able to resume most activities, although mild swelling may take months to go away.

Is a facelift safe?

Surgical facial rejuvenation is a commonly performed surgery. With a complete pre-op consultation and as long as you follow the doctor’s recommendations closely, you should experience only mild side effects. That being said, a facelift is a major surgery that requires caution and diligent after-care. Be sure to bring any questions to your doctor or Icon Cosmetic Center staff and contact us day or night with post-surgery concerns.

Cost of facelift Miami

Anticipate spending between $8,000 and $12,000 for your facelift procedure in Miami. The final amount will vary based on the particular type of operation you opt for, along with any additional associated expenses. Our staff will thoroughly explain your financial obligations, including our flexible financing options.

Schedule your consultation with a facelift surgeon.

At Icon Cosmetic Center, our board-certified surgeons have extensive experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face. They will devote their expertise and patient-centered focus to you on every step of your Facial Rejuvenation Surgery, listening to your goals and working closely with you to achieve the look you want. Why wait another minute? Call Icon Cosmetic Center at (786) 461 1072 to begin your transformation today.


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