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Welcome to Icon Cosmetic Center located in the sunny Miami, FL. A center dedicated to providing you utmost excellence in care and service. A location where beauty and luxury converge to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

A place where the best surgeons in Miami have joined their talents and techniques to transform their patients' lives using the most innovative technology at the moment. Our world-class surgeons put their experience and years of service at your disposal to provide you with impressive results. Providing our clients with various surgical and non-surgical procedures. Icon Cosmetic Center is without a doubt the best place to start your beauty journey.

If you want to experience a life-changing transformation, we invite you to visit Icon Cosmetic Center in Miami.

Icon Cosmetic Center


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Icon Cosmetic Center offers you the latest trend surgical and non-surgical procedures within an environment where care, quality, and professional prestige are the essential ingredients to provide you with a luxury treatment experience.


Boost your confidence. Depending on your cosmetic objective, there are several types of breast surgery, being possible to increase, reduce, lift and even rebuild them.


Are the signs of aging already beginning to show on your face? With our innovative techniques and procedures, you will have a smooth and rejuvenated face.


If you want to show off a spectacular body, we put a wide variety of procedures at your disposal that will help you create the perfect figure for yourself.

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Are you looking for the effective treatment with which you can achieve the best version of yourself and smile when you see yourself in the mirror? See the benefits of our procedures that stand out for their artistic results.

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