Breast Augmentation Miami

A breast augmentation in Miami gives women a great way to look amazing and feel great about their figures once again. It can be used to improve the symmetry of the breasts or to create a larger breast size.

Breast augmentations are chosen for a variety of reasons. Some women opt for this procedure because they have always been dissatisfied with the natural size of their breasts. Others have lost breast volume because of their age, weight loss, or even past pregnancies. Still, others simply want a rounder and more enhanced breast shape.

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  • Average Cost in Miami: $3,000 - $4,000
  • Average Cost for Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Miami : $4,500
  • Areas Treated: Breasts
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Technique: Inframammary, Peri-areolar, Trans-axillary, Transumbilical
  • Surgery Time: 1-2 hours
  • Follow up: 2 weeks
  • Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks
  • Recovery Location: Outpatient
  • Ready To Fly: 5-7 days
  • Final Results: 1-3 months

Breast Augmentation Candidates

It is a highly personal cosmetic procedure for women and one that should not be entered into lightly. The idoneous candidate should have realistic expectations about what an augmentation can do for her.

Of course, candidates must also be in good health and should not be currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Women should already have fully formed breasts and decide to enhance their breasts’ shape and size.

How to Choose the Right Breast Implants

Today, there are many different types, sizes, shapes, and styles of implants, making it confusing for women to choose the best one for them. The surgeon will be able to guide the individual’s choice by discussing some of the following options.

Breast Implant Sizes

Breast implant sizes run from 125 cc to 1,200 cc, with the base of each implant varying according to the overall size. You will choose a size based on the overall width of your natural breast and your desired cup size.

Breast Implant Types

The 3 major types of breast implants used today.

-Silicone offers a natural feel but must be examined yearly to ensure it is not leaking.

-Saline can be used in women as young as 18 but can deflate if it leaks.

-Gummy bear implants use thicker gel than silicone and offer a more natural-looking teardrop shape.

Breast Implant Profiles

Implants also come in three profiles.

-Low-profile implants are good options for wider-chested women.

-Medium-profile implants provide a very natural look and shape.

-High-profile implants are best for women with very narrow chests.

Breast Implant Shapes

Women can choose from two implant shapes.

-Round implants are the most common and produce a very spherical shape while improving fullness on the top of the breast.

-Teardrop implants create a more natural shape with increased fullness on the base of the breast.

Breast Implant Texture

Implants are either smooth or textured.

-Smooth implants feel soft and natural. Because they can move in the implant pocket, they may create some skin rippling.

-Textured implants adhere to the implant pocket wall so they do not move.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures these days. This procedure improves both the contour and size of the breasts, creating a fuller and more rounded shape while still looking quite natural.

Breast augmentation can also create improved symmetry between the size and shape of the hips and the breasts, creating a body shape that is more naturally pleasing to the eyes. These body changes can then increase one’s self-confidence.

Initial Consultation with Your Breast Augmentation Miami Surgeon

Women considering breast augmentations should begin by making an appointment with a breast augmentation surgeon. The surgeon will be able to determine whether the individual is a good candidate for the procedure and can answer many questions about the procedure itself.

Breast Implant Incision Options

In the course of consultation, the surgeon will discuss how the augmentation will be performed and what incisions will be made.


Made in the crease beneath the breast, this popular incision gives the surgeon good access to the site and ensures that scars are not highly visible.


It is another common choice in which the incision is made around the bottom portion of the areola so that the scar is hidden.


This incision is only used for saline implants. A tunnel is made through the armpit so that no scars are left on the breast.


This incision is made in the navel, where scars are easy to hide. The implant is placed through a tunnel up to the breast before being filled with saline.

Breast Implant Placement Options

All types of implants can be placed either submuscularly or subglandularly. The choice will be made based on each woman’s anatomy and goals.

Submuscular or Subglandular

With submuscular positioning, the implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle, where the edges of the implant are more easily hidden. It is a good option for thin women.

The sub-glandular implant is typically easier to place because the pectoral muscle will not need to be stretched. Instead, the implant is placed beneath the breast’s glandular tissues.

What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast augmentation surgery is an invasive procedure for which you will typically need general anesthesia to stay completely comfortable. The surgeon will begin by making the incision. Once the implants are in place, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures and skin adhesives. You should be able to go home later the same day.

Recovery After Breast Implants Procedure

You will not be able to see the full results of the procedure for a couple of weeks until the swelling decreases. The incisional scars will also fade over time.

You should plan on taking up to a week off work to recover and will need to avoid arduous activities for at least six weeks. Your surgeon will tell you what medication to take to control any discomfort you may have during recovery.

Miami Breast Augmentation Cost

The cost for breast augmentation in Miami can range from just under $2,500 to $4,000 or more. The cost will depend on the size and type of implant you need, the incision type your surgeon chooses and other variables.

Breast augmentation at Icon Cosmetic Center usually costs between $3,700 to $4,500. It covers all pre-operative and surgical care.

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