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Is Breast Reduction Surgery in Miami Right for Me?

Not everyone unhappy with their breasts is looking for more size. If you long for smaller breasts, it's time to find out more information about a popular surgical procedure.

In this post, you'll learn about the benefits, what to expect during this process, the perfect candidates for this procedure, and so much more about breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast Reduction?

Sometimes referred to as reduction mammoplasty, a breast reduction is a process of reducing the size of breasts. During a breast reduction in Miami, surgeons remove breast tissue, fat, and skin from this area of your body.

Plan your Breast Reduction

  • Average Cost: $5,500 - $7,500
  • Areas Treated: Breasts
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Technique: Vertical or T Inverted Incision
  • Surgery Time: 2-4 hours
  • Follow up: 1 week
  • Recovery Time: 1-6 weeks
  • Recovery Location: Outpatient
  • Ready To Fly: 5-7 days
  • Final Results: 2-3 months

The Best Candidates for Breast Reduction

The ideal candidate for this type of procedure is someone who understands what this type of surgery entails. Having a deep understanding of this procedure includes learning about reduction techniques, risks, and what to expect post-surgery.

It's also vital for any breast reduction candidate to be in good overall health. In this case, being in good health means not having any underlying lung, heart, or neurological conditions.

Different Breast Reduction Techniques

T Inverted Incision (Anchor Scar)

This procedure gets its name from the T-shaped incision a breast surgeon makes down the middle of the chest and bottom of the breasts. A T-inverted incision is best for women with either moderate or severe sagging.

Vertical Breast Reduction (Lollipop Scar Reduction)

Another option for breast reduction is a vertical or lollipop procedure. With this method, the plastic surgeon makes two incisions. One of these incisions is around the areola, and the second incision runs from the bottom of the areola to the pleat underneath the breast.

Liposuction - Breast Reduction (Scarless Breast Reduction)

Liposuction breast reduction involves making a tiny scar that's a few millimeters in diameter. Because of the small incision, a liposuction breast reduction results in minimal scarring.

This surgical procedure is best for women who have larger breasts from fat accumulation instead of excess glandular tissue.

Breast Reduction Surgery - What to Expect

First, you'll need to schedule a consultation appointment. During this appointment, a surgeon will perform a physical exam to ensure you're a safe candidate for this type of surgery. If you're a good candidate for this procedure, a staff member will schedule your upcoming procedure.

Understandably, you will receive anesthesia before this procedure begins. Immediately after this procedure, a surgeon will place some type of dressing around your breasts. You may also have tubes attached that collect excess liquids.

You'll also likely receive both pain medication and antibiotics to decrease the risk of any kind of post-surgery infection. During this period, you'll also need to attend a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. This appointment allows your surgeon to remove your initial stitches and see how you're recovering.

Reduction Mammoplasty Recovery

Recovery time after a reduction surgery varies from person to person. Certain people can heal incredibly quickly after this type of surgery, while others take longer to recover fully.

One of the first recovery steps is having your stitches removed, which usually happens 5 to 10 days after your initial surgery.

For the next few weeks after your surgical procedure, expect to feel soreness in the chest area. It's also common to feel pulling sensations around your breasts. Some patients also experience something that feels like fluids moving inside the breasts, which dissipates over time.

Advantages of Breast Reduction Procedures

One of the main advantages of reducing the size of your breasts is experiencing less pain. Larger breasts can cause pain around your neck, back, and shoulders. By reducing the size of your breasts, you should start dealing with less pain.

Some people feel that their large breasts get in the way. By receiving a breast reduction, you'll have more petite boobs that aren't such a nuisance. Not dealing with this problem can make you much happier.

What's the Cost of Breast Reduction in Miami?

Based on a few factors, the exact cost of a breast reduction in Miami can vary. It makes it difficult to give you an exact price.

But we can give you an estimated price range for this procedure, which varies anywhere between $5,000 to $8,500. Your estimated breast reduction cost at Icon Cosmetic Center will be from $5,500 to $7,500.

Schedule a Consultation With Your Breast Reduction Surgeon

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Icon Cosmetic Center. Our boutique cosmetic surgery facility is in Miami, Florida, and it is led by award-winning breast reduction doctors and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. We at Icon Cosmetic Center look forward to meeting you.


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